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Program version 2.5 with book of abstract, list of participants, maps

changes from the previous version

  • Correction of typos and update of some abstract (ver 2.5)
  • Room numbers added (ver 2.4)
  • Title of Stefan Palan's presentation updated (ver 2.3)
  • Presentaions of Michael Kircherl (now in session 0.1) and Utz Weitzel (now in session 0.4) have been swapped (ver 2.2)
  • typos corrected (ver 2.1)
  • Title of the presentation by Brice Corgnet (first session on June 14th) changed (ver 2.1)
  • Johannes Burger's presentation (parallel session 2.2 "incentive" on June 14th) cancelled (ver 2.1)